Hello & Welcome!

Come in and sit down for something a little fancy! Are you looking to add something special to your event, festival, or birthday celebration? You have come to the right place! Take a look around at all the wonderful ways Miss Mim can use her Fancy Figments to add a magical touch to your very special day!

Face Painting

Miss Mim is a professional face paint artist who has visited hundreds of celebrations with her fancy face painting! She has been honing her skills for years and can confidently turn your guests into practically anything! Superheroes, Ferocious Beasts, Mystical & Mythical creatures, Dragons & Princesses & Mermaids! Oh My!

Balloon Twisting

Miss Mim loves bringing her three dimensional art to celebrations! Ask for your favorite animal and she will create it in just a few twists! Not sure what you want? Let Miss Mim shine and make you a spectacular surprise! Miss Mim's creations range from super simple single or two balloon designs to super fancy balloon sculptures which take 3+ balloons to create. Let Miss Mim know what type of balloons you want at your celebration to best determine how many minutes she will need to create them all!


Have Miss Mim bring along her adorable Ukulele and with it she will bring her infectious enthusiasm, which will have your little ones singing, interacting and having a spectacular time! Your little ones and probably some of those "big kids" will be following along and singing some of their favorite classic songs!

Magic Shows

Your guests will be mesmerized & mistified! When Miss Mim brings along her classic magic show your guests will play the part of assistant! Getting in on the action and helping Miss Mim save the day with MAGIC!

Puppet Shows

Miss Mim loves to bring along her adorable excentric exotic animals & magical creatures! Your guests will be delighted to meet each of Miss Mim's colorful friends as they share tales of their many adventures!

Story Time

Everyone loves a good story! Your guests will have a grand time helping Miss Mim tell classic stories with magical flair!

Meet the Magical Miss Mim's Many Manifestations!

Fairy Mim

Take a flight of fancy with Fairy Mim!

This enchanting creature will charm all around with whimsy, laughter and joy!

Pirate Mim

Go on a swashbuckling adventure with Pirate Mim!

It is said, tales of her exploits have been greatly exaggerated, but don't believe it! Each and every escapade is extravagantly sensationalized for the benefit of the listener! *wink*

Cowgirl Mim

Why, yeehaw and how do you do, to all you buckaroos!?

Your dude and dudettes will be delighted, Miss Mim is a darling southern bell!

Aviator Mim

Take flight with a pilot from the future and the past!

Aviatress Mim is a time traveling space adventurer who will delight your guests with tales of her exploits!

Mermaid Mim

Have Mermaid Mim join your celebration for a splashtastic good time! Mermaid Mim will delight guests with amazing tails of the sea! Special Bonus! This sea stars balloon twisting specialty is sea creatures!! If you have Mermaid Mim bring her balloon art a wild jelly fish just may appear!!

Princess Mim

The Royal Princess Mim will be a very fancy addition to your very special celebration! Have her highness bring her illustrious face paints and your guests will quickly transform into Dragons and Mermaids and Princesses and Fairies and Knights and Butterflies. There will be sparkle and crowns and magic, oh my!!

Safari Adventure Mim

Invite Safari Adventurer Mim to your special occasion and discover new friends and far off magical places as Mim tells tales of her travels!

Include Mim's Magic Show or Puppet Show and your celebration will include a whimsical journey with Adventurer Mim and a wonderful cast of animal adventurers!

Miss Mim's Mission

Miss Mim is a dedicated and talented professional performer and artist who combines her love of children with a unique talent for spreading curiosity, enchantment and frivolity through magical artistry. Her passion shows in all she does!

Send her a message anytime, she loves to discuss magical matters! Whether you would like a quote for your special event or a little more information on what the Magical Miss Mim can bring to your table, she will be happy to help *smile*! Please don't fret if it takes her a bit of time to get back to you though, as her "human" job, teaching little ones to swim, sometimes delays her response time *wink*.

Simply put, Miss Mim's mission is to make the most of your special events by bringing magic and wonder along with art and entertainment!

Miss Mim holds herself to the highest standards in her industry. Each of her characters, costumes and shows have been hand crafted to bring something extra special to your occasion.